Chalets Clochette
Chalet à louer Lanaudière/Laurentides

Rules CF

List of rules regarding “Chalets Clochette” rentals in the heart of Laurentians, Lanaudiere, Quebec region. Lakeside



Below is a list of rules regarding Le Chalet de la Fée rental:

The Chalet de la Fée is a place to rest and recharge : please respect the premises.

The Chalet de la Fée strives to be as “Eco-Friendly” as possible with its biodegradable and non toxic home products. You are invited to contribute to this necessary reality.

This cottage is NON-SMOKING.

It is not permitted to exceed the maximum sleeping accommodations of four people, unless otherwise agreed upon with the owner.

Only renters and their guest are admitted on the property, as agreed upon at the time of reservation.

Animals and pets are not allowed.

All aquatic equipment must be properly stowed away after use.

Linens, towels and tablecloths are provided.

The wood is provided for campfires or fireplaces. However, we ask you to be reasonable about the quantity used. The kindling is not supplied.

Loud music will not be tolerated.

Outdoor fires are allowed only in the fire pit provided for that purpose (unless otherwise prohibited by the municipality).

To ensure our neighbours’ peace and tranquility, we would kindly ask that you mind noise levels before 9 am and after 10 pm.

Regardless of season, all exterior doors must remain closed at all times to prevent wildlife from entering the cottage.

Failure to respect any and all above-mentioned rules will result in a warning.

The owner reserves the right to evict renters without compensation in the event of non-compliance with any and all above-mentioned rules.

We thank you for keeping the premises clean at departure, i.e. dishes, refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and for leaving kitchen and bathroom garbage bins empty.