Chalets Clochette
Chalet à louer Lanaudière/Laurentides

Spring-Summer CC


Cottage site

Upon arrival at the Clochard Céleste, you will find the Olympian calm that you were looking for. 

You can observe plentiful of birds that abound on the field, take a nap in a hammock through the undergrowth and choose one of the 2 spaces provided to light up a camp fire and roast your marshmallows after nightfall.  
That is a well deserved celestial reward...
For the walkers, there are hiking trails right by the house going towards the mountain. For a little freshness, the shared and private access to the lake is where you can find the beach, a pedalo (2 seats), a pontoon, deck loungers and a picnic table. The lake is swimmable, has soft sand and a rock free bottom, but is non-navigable (no motorboats). What more could you ask for?

Finally, succulent grills, a glass of wine on the deck overlooking the lot, the chance to contemplate the star-studded sky and the Perseids, sharing your stories with friends or sweet words with your significant other...
Those are unique moments that will mark your memory for a long time. 



Horse Riding:
Domaine Sam Calm, Rawdon

Aquatic Attraction:
Chutes Dorwin, Rawdon
Parc des Cascades, Rawdon
Parc Aquatique, St-Sauveur

Terre des Bisons, Rawdon 

Children (8 years old or less):
Au Pays des Merveilles, Ste-Adèle
Village du Père Noël, Ste-Adèle
Parc Aquatique Atlantide, St-Calixte