Chalets Clochette
Chalet à louer Lanaudière/Laurentides

Spring-Summer CF

List of activities you can do during spring and summer at Chalets Clochette. Lakeside.


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You could simply come for the fresh air, or for some kayaking or pedal boating on a lake free of motorboats where you can glide over water lilies while discovering the lake environment and its animal residents. Whether you want to rise with the sun or sleep in, lounge around in the hammock, take a nap, or go on long hikes, saddle up on your bike for a gorgeous ride or just read a book, it’s all there for you.

After savouring the great outdoors, a great BBQ with delicious wine while you contemplate the evening stars, or even count them (good luck!), and laugh and sing to a roaring fire, marshmallows and sausages and all, with those you love.



Horse Riding:
Domaine Sam Calm, Rawdon

Aquatic Attraction:
Chutes Dorwin, Rawdon
Parc des Cascades, Rawdon
Parc Aquatique, St-Sauveur

Terre des Bisons, Rawdon 

Children (8 years old or less):
Au Pays des Merveilles, Ste-Adèle
Village du Père Noël, Ste-Adèle
Parc Aquatique Atlantide, St-Calixte